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SKRIPSI INFORMATIKA: Analisa dan Perancangan Sistem Penjualan Alat-alat Olah Raga Menggunakan Web Application dan Mobile Web Application


               Tujuan Penelitian, ialah untuk membantu menyelesaikan masalah yang sedang dihadapi oleh perusahaan sehingga diperoleh solusi yang terbaik.
Metodologi yang digunakan ada dua yaitu metode analisis dan metode perancangan. Metode analisis digunakan untuk menganalisa sistem yang sedang digunakan atau berjalan pada suatu perusahaan untuk mengetahui kekurangan serta kebutuhan dari perusahaan tersebut. Hasil analisis tersebut dibuat kedalam laporan yang nantinya akan digunakan sebagai panduan untuk membuat metode perancangan suatu sistem. Metode perancangan digunakan untuk merancang sebuah rancangan program yang nantinya akan digunakan sebagai panduan untuk membuat applikasi tersebut.
Hasil yang dicapai dari hasil penelitian tersebut didapatkan bahwa perusahaan tersebut mempunyai masalah dalam pemasaran produknya dan juga masalah dalam biaya operasional perusahaan tersebut. Sehingga, dengan adanya masalah tersebut didapatkan solusi yaitu dengan membuatkan sebuah aplikasi berbasis web yang juga dihubungkan dengan Mobile Phone sehingga perusahaan dapat memasarkan produk secara cepat dan luas, dan juga konsumen dapat memesan produk tanpa harus datng ke tempatnya. Dengan begitu masalah perusahaan tersebut sudah terpecahkan.
Simpulan dan saran dari hasil penelitian tersebut dapat membatu menyelesaikan masalah yang ada di dalam perusahaan tersebut, dan juga diharapkan bahwa aplikasi ini dikembangkan agar menjadi lebih baik lagi dari sebelumnya.

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Ig-101 Teaching English Using Games At SDN Garung Lor III Kudus Academic Year 2002/2003 *) (ABSTRAK)
Ig-102 Being Reborn And Becoming A New Individual : A Psychological Study On Danielle Steel's Malice
Ig-103 The Confrontation Of Moral Values In Henry James' The American: A Sociological Approach
Ig-104 The Effectiveness Of Word Games As Teaching Aid In Teaching Vocabulary
Ig-105 Teaching Vocabulary Using Games To The Fifth Year Student Of SDN Pandeyan III Jatisrono - Wonogiri
Ig-106 Animal Symbolism In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men: Sociological Approach
Ig-107 The Ability In Using Question-Tag On The Second Year Students Of SMU Bhineka Karya Boyolali 2000/2001
Ig-108 The Difficulties Of Translating Noun Pharse From Indonesian Into English Faced By The Students Of Victoria English Course In Sukoharjo
Ig-109 Descriptive Analysis On The Language Used In Kapsul Column Of Suara Merdeka
Ig-110 The Difficulty In Building Questions By The Second Year Students Of SMK BK 2 Andong
Ig-111 Emily Bronte's Worldview In WutheringHeights : Genetic Structuralism Approach *)
Ig-112 The Establishment Of Labor Union To Fight Against The Exploitation During The Progressive Era As Seen In Upton Sinclair's King Coal*)
Ig-113 Study of the Relationship BetweenStudent's Mastery Of Structure Of Modification In Noun PhraseAnd Reading Comprehension Achievement At The Second Year Of SMA Negeri 1 Surakarta 1987-1988
Ig-114 The Unity of The Main Characters with Their Different Characteristic In Expecting Godot In Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot : Psychological approach *)
Ig-115 The Use of Animation Movies for Improving Students’ Writing Skill of Narrative Texts (A Case Study of Teaching English at Eleventh Grade Students of SMA Negeri 10 Semarang in the Academic Year of 2006/2007) *)
Ig-116 The Teacher And Learner Talk In The Classroom Interaction Of Grade VIII.A SMP N 2 Cepiring Kendal *)
Ig-117 The Use Of Nursery Rhymes To Improve Students' Vocabulary (The Case of the 5th Graders of SD Negeri Gunungpati 03 in Academic year  2005 / 2006) *)
Ig-118 The Correlation Between Students' Activity in Watching English TV Programs And Student's Vocabulary Mastery: The Case Of The Fourth Semester Student Of English Department Semarang State University *)
Ig-119 The Text Structures Of Monologue Text Types Found in Joyful English Book 1 For SMP Class VII Published BY CV Aneka Ilmu *)
Ig-120 The Struggle For Human Rights Of Gay And Aids- Infected Person Of The Main Character In Jonathan Demme’s Philadelphia Movie *)
Ig-121 The Grammatical Cohesion Of Reading Text Of Year Seven Junior High School Textbook “Smart Steps” Published By Ganeca Exact *)
Ig-122 Love As A Motivation Of Life For The Main Character Reflected In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Rappacini’s Daughter*)
Ig-123 Motivation In Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston Farewell To Manzanar: A Study Of The Main Character’s Effort To Achieve Her Goals *)
Ig-124 Racial Prejudice against the Halfcastes in Australia in Xavier Herbert’s Novel “Capricornia.” *)
Ig-125 Social Conflict Between Upper Class and Lower Class Found in Jack London’s South of the Slot *)
Ig-126 Generic Structure Analysis on Written Texts Found in the English Textbook for the Twelfth Year of Senior High School *)
Ig-127 The Influence of Emily Dickinson’s Life Background on the Concept of Death found in her Poem entitled “ Because I Could Not Stop for Death” *)
Ig-128 The Use of English Comics to Improve Students' Ability in Story Retelling (The Case of 8th Year students of SMPN 1 Bojong Pekalongan in the Academic Year of 2006/2007) *)
Ig-129 A Communist Propaganda Towards American Black Society Through Richard Wright’s Native Son *)
Ig-130 Motivation of the main character’s survival in O’Henry’s ‘Soapy’s Choice’ *)
Ig-131 Teaching Narrative In Senior High School (An action research study for XIth year students in SMA 16 Semarang in the academic year of 2005/2006) *)
Ig-132 Geisha’s Life In Japanese Culture Before World War Ii Reflected In Memoir Of A Geisha *)
Ig-133 The Use Of Cue Cards In Teaching Spoken Descriptive Text: The case of eighth year students of SMP N 13 Semarang Academic Year 2006/2007 *)
Ig-134 A Comparative Study On Diction And Sentence Structure Between Spoken News Broadcasted By Cnn International And Written News Articles Issued By Time Magazine *)
Ig-135 Songs to Improve the Students’ Achievement in Pronouncing English Words ( An Action Research of the Year Seventh Students of MTs ANNUR Jepara in the Academic Year 2006 / 2007 ). *)
Ig-136 Jane Eyre, A Portrayal Of British Middle Class Women In The 19th Century As Reflected In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre *)
Ig-137 Using Visual Dictionary In Teaching Vocabulary To Elementary School Students ( A Case at the Fourth Graders of SD Negeri 06 Cendono, Kudus In the Academic Year 2006/ 2007 ) *)
Ig-138 Teaching Names of Object Using a Cartoon Movie Entitled “DORA THE EXPLORER” for Sixth Grade Students of Elementary School (A Case Study of the Sixth Grade Students of SD Negeri 05 Randudongkal) *)
Ig-139 Code-switching in Cool Jockey’s Utterances in RCT FM Semarang *)
Ig-140 Improving Students’ Pronunciation using Songs (A Classroom Action Research in the Fourth Grade of SDN Makamhaji 01 Kartasura in 2007/2008 Academic Year) *) (ABSTRAK)
Ig-141 Using Tactile And Kinesthetic Resources To Improve Students’ Spelling Ability And Pronunciation Awareness (An Action Research At The Fifth Grade Of Sd Negeri Pojok 02 Tawangsari In 2008/2009 *) (ABSTRAK)

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Ig 01 The Influence The Of Main Characters’ Conflicts Toward Plot In Oscar Wilde’s "The Importance Of Being Earnest" *) (ABSTRAK)
Ig-02 An Analysis Of The Main Character’s Hatred Depicted In Sandra Brown's Novel Where There's Smoke   *) (ABSTRACT)
Ig 03 Effects Of Pre-Questioning On The Reading Comprehension Achievement Of The Second Grade Students At SMAN-2 Jekan Raya In Academic Year 2006/2007   *) (ABSTRACT)
Ig-04 Student’s Learning Achievement With Traditional Asseement And Portofolio Assessment   *) (ABSTRAK)
Ig 05 An Analysis Of Personel Pronoun From The Novel Entitled “An Ovedose Of Death” By Aghata Christie  *) (BAB-1)
Ig-06 The Influence The Of Main Characters’ Conflicts Toward Plot In Oscar Wilde’s  “The Importance Of Being Earnest*) (ABSTRAK)
Ig-07 An Analysis Of The Main Character's Hatred Depicted in Sandra Brown's Novel Where There's Smoke *) (ABSTRAK)
Ig-08 A Study On Connotative Meaning Of Language Used In Scorpion's Song*)
Ig-09 An Analysis Of The English Texbook For The First Year Students Of Junior High School Based On The 2004 Curriculum In Pondok Pesantren Al-Mukmin Ngruki *)
Ig-10 An Analysis Of Compound Words In Children Storybooks  *)
Ig-11 Teaching Vocabulary Using Games At Aisyiah Kindergarten Margosari Karangmalang Sragen *)
Ig-12 Teaching Reading By Using WFR (Warming-Up For Reading) To Increase Reading Skill To The Second Year Student Of SLTPN 2 Nogosari Boyolali *)
Ig-13 Translation Analysis Of English Figurative In J.K. Rowling's Novel Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secret And Its Translation By Listiana Srisanti *)
Ig-14 An Error Analysis On The English Composition By The Second Years Students Of Islamic High School Purbalingga In The Academic Year Of 2001/2002
Ig-15 A Rebel Against The Social Discrimination In Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin: A genetic Structurallism Approach
Ig-16 A Study On The Teaching And Learning Process Of english In The Sixth Of SD Negeri Pacitan I
Ig-17 The Indonesian Translation Of Positive Declarative Simple Sentences In Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms By Toto Sudarto Bactiar
Ig-18 A Descriptive Study On Vocabulary Mastery Of The Fifth Years Student At SDN 1 Purworejo Wonogiri
Ig-19 Anti-Slavery Spirits In William Shakespeare's The Tempest: A Sociological Approach
Ig-20 Error Analysis On Composition Of The Fourth Semester Students Of English Departement At Muhammadiyah University Of Surakarta
Ig-21 Study On The Application Of Grammar Translation Method In Teaching Reading To The First Year students Of SLTP PGRI 7 Jatiroto In 2002 *)
Ig-22 The Destructive Instinct In Shakerspeare's Macbeth: A Psycoanalytic Analysis
Ig-23 The Impact Of Narcotics Upon The Development Of Adolescents In The Era Of Globalization In Kartasura
Ig-24 The Influences Of Migration People To The Deveopment Culture In Surakarta
Ig-25 The Difficulties Of Guides In Radya Pustaka Museum
Ig-26 Defense Mechanism Of Tracy Whitney In Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes: Psychoanalytic Approach
Ig-27 Ketek Ogleng as a Traditional Art in Wonogiri Regency
Ig-28 Situational Language Teaching (SLT) And Its Possible Application In Teaching Conversastion To The First Year Student Of MAN Purwodadi On 2002/2003 *)
Ig-29 An Error Analysis On English Writing Of The First Student Of SMK Muhammadiyah Delanggu 2003
Ig-30 A Descriptive Study On The Language Forms In Trademark Of Fragrance Products
Ig-31 An Error Analysis On The Students' Composition Of The First Year Student Of SMU Muhammadiyah Surakarta
Ig-32 An Analysis Of English Textbooks For SMK In The Perspective Of Curriculum 1994 (A Case Study On The First Year Students Textbook Of Business And Management)
Ig-33 An Error Analysis On The Compositions Of The Third Year Students Of Class A Junior High School 2 Dukuhwaru Tegal
Ig-34 A Pragmatik Analysis On Utterances Used In The Cartoon Of The Jakarta Post (Speech Act Approach)
Ig-35 A Comparative Analysis Between English And Indonesian Proverbs (In Symbolic Perspective)
Ig-36 Hedda's Effort In Maintaining Self-Esteem In Ibsen's Hedda Gabler: An Individual Psycological Appoach
Ig-37 Teaching English Using Songs To The Fourth Grade Elementary School Of Muhammadiyah Wedi Klaten
Ig-38 A Sosiological Study On George Eliot's Silas Marner
Ig-39 Students' Ability Of Using Mechanic Writing At The Fourth Semester Of English Department Of UMS Academic Year 2001-2003
Ig-40 Vocabulary Mastery Of The Second Year Students Academic Year 2001-2002 Of SMU Dharma Putra Salatiga *)
Ig-41 An Analysis Of Function Of That In The Novel Christy By Catherine Marshall
Ig-42 A Syntactic Analysis Of English Language Used In Cars Advertisment
Ig-43 Escape From Anxiety In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful And Damned: A Psychoanalytic
Ig-44 Fitzgerald's View On Marriage In The Tender Is The Night:A Sociological Approach
Ig-45 A Study On English Vocabulary Mastery Of The Third Year Students Of SLTP N 1 Gatak
Ig-46 Analysis Of Reading Comprehension Test In Work Sheet For The Second Year Students Of SLTP N 3 Temanggung
Ig-47 A descriptive Study On Figurative Language Used In English Song By Wet Wet Wet
Ig-48 The Struggle For Life In Broyler's Cast Away: A Psychoanalytic Analysis
Ig-49 The Implementation Of Communicative Approach In English Teaching Reading Of SMU Kanisius Harapan Tirtomoyo Wonogiri
Ig-50 Teaching English To The Students Of SDN TIBAYAN ! Jatinom Klaten In 2002
Ig-51 A Descriptive Study Of The Teaching Gerund By Using Communicative Approach To The First Year Students Of SMU Muhammadiyah 4 Surakarta 2002/2003
Ig-52 Gustave Flaubert's World View In Madame Bovary (Genetic Structuralism Approach)
Ig-53 The Implementation Of Communicative Language Teaching In Theaching Reading To The Second Year Students Of MTs N Petarukan Pemalang
Ig-54 A Sociological Study On George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion
Ig-55 Thomas Hardy's Far From The Madding Crowd: (Feminist Analysis)
Ig-56 Jane Austen's View On Marriage Tenets In Emma: A Sosiological Approach
Ig-57 Mistakes Translation Made By The Students At The Second Grade Of SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Surakarta In The Translating English Setences Into Indonesian
Ig-58 A Descriptive Study On The Understanding Of Communicative Expression Of The Second Year Students Of SMU Negeri 1 Jogonalan Klaten 2002/2003
Ig-59 A Descriptive Study On Students' Mastery Of English Grammar In SMU N 1 Pamotan Rembang *)
Ig-60 A Descriptive Analysis On Humanitarianism Spirit In John Lennon's Songs
Ig-61 An Error Analysis Of English Composition By The Third Year Students Of SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Klaten Utara
Ig-62 A Descriptive Study On Translation Made By The Fifth Semester Students Of English Department Of UMS In The 2002/2003 Academic Year *)
Ig-63 Teaching Drama As An Alternative Source To Develop Speaking Skill To The Seventh Semester Of English Department Students Of Muhammadiyah University Of Surakarta *)
Ig-64 A Descriptive Study On The Images Of Comics Cover : A Semiotic Approach
Ig-65 A Sosiolinguistic Study Of English Boxing Register Used In Mass Media "Bola News"
Ig-66 An Error Analysis On English Compositions Made By The Second Year Students Of Senior High School 1 Batur
Ig-67 English Teaching Learning Process At The Second Year Of SLTP Muhammadiyah 1 Surakarta *)
Ig-68 Teaching Vocabulary Using Pictures At The First Years Student Of MTsN Walen Simo Boylali
Ig-69 A Study Of Neurotic Fear In Eugene O'neill's The Emperor Jones: Psycoanalytic Approach
Ig-70 Teaching Vocabulary Using Simple Stories To The Second Year Students Of MTs Miftahul Falah Tayu - Pati
Ig-71 Oscar Wilde's The Importance Of Being Earnest: A Sociological Study
Ig-72 Teaching Vocabulary Using Flash Cards To The First Year Students Of SLTP 7 Sukoharjo *)
Ig-73 Descriptive Study On The English Electronics Slogans In Info Computer Magazine
Ig-74 The Translation Ability Of The Second Year Students Of SMU Muhammadiyah Sukoharjo *)
Ig-75 The Student's Ability In Using Modal Auxiliaries At The First Year Of SMU Muhammadiyah 4 Surakarta in 2000/2001 *)
Ig-76 Agatha Christie's Murder On The Orient Express: A Psychological Approach
Ig-77 A Descriptive Study On The Characteristics Of English Used In Cosmetic Label *)
Ig-78 Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights A Psychological Approach
Ig-79 Typical Teacher's Question On SMU Muhammadiyah 3 Surakarta (A Case Study) *)
Ig-80 The Influence Of The Student's Motivation To Their English Learning Achievement: A Case Study In SMP N 1 Tawangharjo *)
Ig-81 A Descriptive Study On Cpmposition Complied By The Fifth Students Of English School Of Muhammadiyah University Of Surakarta In 1999/2000 Academic Year
Ig-82 Teaching Reading Using Communicative Approach To The Students Of Oxford English Course Madiun *)
Ig-83 Error Analysis On The Composition Made By The Second Year Students Of SMU I Tunjungan Blora 2001-2002
Ig-84 Anxiety In William Shakespeare's Macbeth: Psycoanalytical Approach
Ig-85 The Characteristics Of English Used In Electronic Journalism In RCTI's "Indonesia Today"
Ig-86 Victoria Holt's The House Of Thousand Lanterns: A Psycological Approach
Ig-87 F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby: A Psycological Approach
Ig-88 Error Analysis On English Writing Of The Second Year Students Of SMU Muhammadiyah 1 Salatiga Academic Year 2001/2002
Ig-89 Teaching Vocabulary Using Picture To The Sixth Year Elementary Students Of SD Negeri 2 Kalibeber Wonosobo *)
Ig-90 The Implementation Of Communicative Approach In SMK Negeri 6 Surakarta
Ig-91 An Error Analysis On Eassy Writing Made By Students Of English Department Of UMS Academic Year 2001/2002
Ig-92 Teaching Direct And Indirect Speech Using Communicative Approach The Second Year Students Of NTs N 2 Wonogiri
Ig-93 Literary Study On D. H. Lawrence's The Man Who Died: Psychoanalytic Approach
Ig-94 A Marxist Analysis Of Anne Bronte's Agnes Grey
Ig-95 A Descriptive Analysis Of Registers Used In National Basketball Association (NBA) Games In United States Of America
Ig-96 Language Used In Graffiti (A Sociolinguistic Study) *)
Ig-97 The Implementation Of Teaching Reading Using Communicative Approach At SLTP N 7 Pati
Ig-98 The Ability Of The Second Year Students Of Man Purwodadi In Building Polite Request Senteces
Ig-99 Teaching Vocabulary By Using Total Physical Response
Ig-100 Teaching Vocabulary Using Picture At Elementary School *)

Buku2 Referensi untuk pembuatan SKRIPSI, TESIS, PTK, PTS